Dr. Steve Alcuri - Pediatric /Adolescent Medicine  

Care Philosophy

Welcome to the almost-lost-art of individualized attention.

This practice was created to make a stand against utility-grade, factory-quality, "take-a-number-and-wait" medicine.

Your children's medical care is not the same as lunch at a fast food restaurant. Just-barely-adequate work, delivered by individuals at the lowest possible skill level, may be just fine if all you need is a burger and fries. It has no place in a doctor's office.

Pediatric medicine is not limitited to babies and small children, but encompasses all not-yet-adult ages from newborn to young adult. Older school-age children and teens are most especially welcome.

We are the "small model," and plan to stay that way. We believe that when a system becomes too large, it often works poorly just by virtue of it's size. We are aware of practices in this area with an enrollment of more than 50,000 patients!! - a statistic that speaks for itself.

None of that here.

Although everyone appreciates a bargain, we believe that, at some level, you do not want your children's medical care driven by the same forces that sell a box of breakfast cereal at a discount store. If you did, you would not still be reading this page.

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For more than a decade, our goal has been to give you the time and attention you deserve, in a pleasant, unhurried atmosphere. At the same time, we see it as part of our job to help you get the best benefits from your insurance coverage. We believe that your health care dollar does not belong in the pockets of insurance company CEO's, but instead should actually go toward your health care. How's that for a novel idea!!!

If you are tired of being treated like a number in a large practice that is too busy to take care of you properly...

If you feel you are paying a lot of money for health care, but not getting good value in return...

If you miss the traditional doctor-patient relationship...

You can find it again, right here.